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Well Idk where to start, its been a year actually I started out in October, too excited less knowledge ya know how we all are and then step by step , keeping patience (Thanks To Mukul!) Went on to learning mixing finally until I got my first gig and I cannot thank Sueshein sir enuf for believing in me , he's one of the very few teachers I've liked also he's smart, gels up pretty well with us and the faculty is out of the bounds great! I don't even remember how many I've referred since I joined it and if you haven't you should cus theyy respect and value your passion #Amen

Chokus aka Shantanu

Respected sir. It gives me immence pleasure to thank you for giving me the opportunity.For me doing DJ is one of the main aim for my life and i completed my course with full of knowledge gain from this academy.i really thanks for everthing to complete my course, without yours help and support i cant complete my course.specially i thank you Mukul sir for his patience to teach me.lastly i want to thank you for the academy to bring this opportunities for us.i m proud to be a student of scratch academy.with love ugen tenzin

Dj UT aka Ugen Tenzin

Skratch academy , I guess this is an only academy in the industry on which I can trust blindly in terms of everything. My experience with skratch was really amazing and memorable,the kindness with which they teach and help their students is very great.
My gurus DJ SUESHEIN SIR, DJ MUKE & DJ DHEERAJ these three are just genious. Whole faculty of skratch is very humble and supportive with their students..
Awwwsmmm experience 👍

Diljit singh johar

I believe there can be no place better than Skratch DJ Academy to kick start a DJing career. With expert guidance of DJ Sue aka Sushein and great teachers, DJ Muke and DJ Dheeraj, one is obviously in great hands! My experience here at Skratch Academy has been great. I had no idea that I would be able to learn so much in such a short span of time. The teachers are so patient and supportive, they never let one get discouraged. I totally vouch for this academy. Proud Skratchian I am!

Harshit Swani

I have always had a passion for music and now music has become my life Also,I have always had a dream of becoming a really successful DJ/Producer and all this is working out to be on track because i reached the correct place for learning how to DJ. Skratch DJ Academy is like a temple for me where i have learnt every little art of djing from setting up a music profile to promoting it in the industry to one of the most important thing, Being trained perfectly by an amazing faculty to be able to handle crowd at a gig and making your name in the industry! Skratch i think is one of the best academy to learn djing! Proper and a detailed training is given not only practically but theoritically.Also and the atmoshphere being too professional is an important contributer to the learning process. I am really glad i stepped inside this temple. I would really like to thank Mukul sir,Dheeraj sir and Sushein sir for always being so supportive and helpful! It is because of them i can see myself at a point where i have always wanted to be:D

Kinetic aka Vaibhav Gupta

excellent atmosphere.. experienced trainer with great teaching skills helpful and friendly. Anyone who's looking to learn DJing/ producing must join "SKRATCH DJ ACADEMY" .. !!

Michael Weston

Excellent place to be in for learning Dj'ing. Personalised attention combined with a great course structure...and off course a great faculty - Mukul Kashyap who makes it all the more different !!

Rajesh Malkanin

Courses in Djing are excellent in here, Personalised attention and great motivational support makes this institute one of the best around NCR !!!

Siju Mathews

Its simply awesome the way to teach the art of music by the teaching faculty is simply appreciatable. Nothing to say but I m proud to be a member in Skratch Family. Love skratch n Love Djing

Ishwarjeet Aroras

excellent atmosphere.. experienced trainer with great teaching skills helpful and friendly. Anyone who's looking to learn DJing/ producing must join "SKRATCH DJ ACADEMY" .. !!


You will not do incredible things without an incredible dream." - John Eliot Rightly said, Skratch Academy helped me realise that dream of mine. And as every dream needs a mentor. Sushein bhaiya proved to be that rightful mentor under the guidance of whom i fulfilled this dream. His life is a living example of how hardwork can help you achieve the zenith of success.Not to forget DJ NVN, another commendable teacher at Skratch. You rock sir! So yes it's the place to be if you wanna be shuffling your way to success. My love, my life - Skratch Academy

Ayushi Sen

I joined skratch in 3yrs bak in august. Some1 referd me to join skratch when it was in G.K. Dj Sue taught me skills, hw to handle the crowd, how to make PR, how to approach club fr the gig, skratch academY gave me enough time to learn from my mistakes. I dont think any other academy can give this much time for practice or to learn. Skratch academy rocks .

Japji Singh

This is dj Ener-G aka Gaurav Gill from Delhi i have been djing from last 2 year.Want to share my experience about skratch first of all want to thanks to Respected Dj Sue aka sueshe into bring skratch acadmey at very good level n made it a proper school where artist like us can learn djing skills at very good techinical basis. They support those artist who really work hard give their time to improvise thier skills n knowledge in djing. About production Dj Tarunn, its actually a honoured that m getting train under him, he is actually a great hardworker in production feild.hatts of to his knowledge a big inspiration you are.skratch's faculty is also very much supportive.They know how to behave with a student n any other person, they are very very good in teaching.i specially like their all the extra activities like exams,assisting,workshops,n my favourite outdoor Parties after every six months.I'm glad to join Skratch acadmey now m working for them as an artist.dont knw watever i'll b in djing but for always m Skratch Artist.n this make me feel proud.

Gaurav Gill

Skratch has been an amazing experience till date. Well its hard to summarize it into words, its like I got a new birth...an identity n boast up in my confidence. To make things smother on d front end there is a secret recipe at d back end which includes love, care, teachings, support, inspiration, encouragement and a lot more. Which makes successes taste fabulous. And I feel everybody is worthy to dip a spoon n lick it till d vry end ;) .

Priyanka Goswami

Hey Guys, let me tell you that DJ Skratch Academy is a truly creative ground for beginners who wish to explore the flame of music in their souls. I have explored too. A place where you learn to tap your toes with the beats and let yourself flow with it. You have maestro's like DJ NVN who make you learn naturally and smoothly and DJ Sushein who gives you an opportunity to play with the console so freely that you end up being the No.1 DJ....music, beats, mixing, looping all become so easy with them that they are on ur fingertips...great guru's and friends I must say....cheerrrrsssss.....DJ.

Nishant Raj

I joined skratch dj academy in the year 2010 after my class 12 boards. I realised it would be most enthralling experience of my life as I entered the brightly splashed walls of my studio, I was rightly proven as dj sue( my teacher)guided me through every warp and weft of music with such excellence and expertise! I am proud to be known as dj kara- and I owe it.


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